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Lonjsko Polje – 1-day excursion from Zagreb

During the times when traveling is limited to your own country, it is time to turn to the inside and discover the beautiful areas on your footsteps. So, in case you are living in Zagreb or visiting the area, there is a lot to discover just an hour or two outside the city. Lonjsko polje… Continue reading Lonjsko Polje – 1-day excursion from Zagreb

Lets Bake

The creamiest pumpkin pie

I will admit, I have always had big eyes for all those scrumptious-looking pies and cakes from the US TV shows we got to watch as teens. Apple and pumpkin pies, stacked pancakes & waffles, brownies, cupcakes.. They in a way made me want to bake myself and turned me into a food blogger. As… Continue reading The creamiest pumpkin pie